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University Fees

Students are sometimes faced with the question of whether they may be home or overseas students. Some students carry British Passports but may have lived abroad for most of their lives. They may have only returned to the UK as a result of their parents’ work or to study. We have a thorough and in-depth understanding of the system in relation to student fees and have assisted many students in asserting their home status and thereby achieving home fees.

Worried about Fees

Many factors come into consideration in the law when determining this question. Students who may have started a course as a home student may receive correspondence from the university that they really should be overseas students or vice versa. Some students are unable to start a course until their status is determined as this will have an impact on them financially for the duration of their course. It is very important to have this question determined before the student starts the course as universities will withhold degree results if fees are not fully paid up.

If you are having a problem with your student fee status then contact us now. We are able to assist you in defending your case with the institution. The law is not that straightforward in this area and includes interpretation of legislation, regulations and case law.  Significantly, sometimes universities themselves get confused by the law so if the decision of the university in relation to fees is not the one you were hoping for it is always worth having that decision checked by an expert legal adviser to ensure that it is the correct decision in the circumstances you find yourself in.

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