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My child has not been accepted into our first choice of secondary school. I don't believe that the school's admissions arrangements have been correctly adhered to. What can I do?

My child has not been accepted into our first choice of secondary school. I don't believe that the school's admissions arrangements have been correctly adhered to. What can I do?

Finding the right secondary school for your child is a challenge that every parent faces and whilst in most cases everything goes okay, when it doesn’t, it can be extremely stressful for both you and your child. After researching the right school, followed by the work involved in making your application, you then have to endure the agony of waiting many more months for the admission authorities to make their decision. What makes this more difficult is the fact that you have to trust that the school's admission arrangements have been properly followed. If you have reason to suspect that they have not, you can appeal.

If initially the decision doesn’t go your way, it's worth pointing out that even if your child has not been offered your first choice of secondary school, it is advisable to accept the school that has been offered. This is just as a precaution in case your appeal comes to nothing and your acceptance will in no way prejudice your appeal.             

How to appeal a school's decision

The details of the logistics concerning how to launch an appeal will be included with the letter you receive informing you of the decision. Remember that in any case, if you're finding the process difficult or overwhelming, Match Solicitors is here to help. As well as the following points, we can give you specific guidance and support to prepare for the appeal,

  • Consider the grounds of your appeal very carefully. You need to make absolutely sure that your case is as strong as it can be before you begin the appeal process. If you're convinced that the admissions arrangements were not followed or that more prejudice will be caused to your child in not gaining a place at that school, gather all the evidence you have to support your claim and put the main emphasis on your strongest argument first.
  • If you have any supporting evidence from any professional bodies such as doctors etc., be sure to include it with your evidence.
  • Always keep any time restrictions that relate to your appeal firmly in mind. Stick to the rules surrounding your appeal at all times as any deviation from them could prejudice your appeal.
  • Do your research. Read everything you can relating to the School Admission/Appeals Codes. All the information you require is online and the more in-depth your research, the more prepared you will be.

Match Solicitors have succeeded many times in helping parents with their appeals concerning secondary school places. If you feel you have a case to appeal and would like our support in preparing your case, be sure to give us a call to discuss the details of your appeal in confidence.




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