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Match Solicitors and Asian Voice

Match Solicitors and Asian Voice

Match Solicitors is pleased and proud to announce that we have teamed up with Asian Voice, the country's foremost English language magazine for next-generation UK Asians, to highlight, through the magazine we drafted entitled ‘Legal Matters’, the support that is available for families facing challenges within the education system. We were also thrilled to have been a part of the Asian Voice Charity Awards on 19 May 2017.

Legal Matters

The Legal Matters magazine focusses on the legal recourse available to people who suffer from issues such as discrimination and bullying in education and highlights the educational issues that we see on a daily basis.  As well as focusing on key issues faced by children, students and their parents throughout the education sector, the magazine seeks to arm them with all the information they need in order to get the most from their education and their rights.

Sadly, there are a great many difficulties that families can face within education, including students challenging decisions of universities, academic failure, and challenges concerning school admissions, discrimination in school or even children being unfairly excluded from school. Many families also face issues with children who have special educational needs (SEN), which can range from everything from mild dyslexia to severe physical disabilities.

Education can, in short, be a very trying experience for children and students and knowing the rights that children and students have in these circumstances is the first step towards that ensuring families are treated fairly and given all the help and support they need.

Battling the social stigma

It's also true that there is often a social stigma in most communities and particularly within the Asian community, associated with acknowledging that a child has SEN, and this can sometimes stop parents seeking the help they need. Another aim of our magazine is to help confront and eradicate this tendency to suffer in silence and to make all families aware of the help that is available.

We know that the more information people have, the more empowered they become and the more likely it is that they will seek out the help they require and resolve their issues.

It is our desire that all families are fully aware that at every level of education, every school or university has a duty to provide extra help for pupils and students with disabilities or special needs. This extra support is actually a legal obligation on the part of the educational institution in question and it can make all the difference to their education.

The Asian Voice Charity Awards 2017

Held on Friday 19 May, 2017, this year's Asian Voice Charity Awards was a great opportunity to showcase the excellent work carried out by British charities that seek to solve the most pressing and distressing social issues of our time.

At this year's ceremony, Anita Chopra, one of the Directors of Match Solicitors, had the great honour of giving a speech. In her speech, Anita highlighted the important work these awards do in encouraging and rewarding the work carried out by these important institutions, and underlined the commitment of Match Solicitors to help the Asian community take full advantage of their legal rights in education.

Legal Matters will be distributed to the subscribers of Asian Voice and Gujarat Samachar.

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Match Solicitors were highly recommended to us not only for their undisputed comprehensive knowledge of the SEN legal minefield, but for their understanding of autism and other disorders and consequent compassionate work ethic. Their diligence and consummate professionalism ensured that the Local Authority were forced to take our son’s case seriously. It is almost impossible to articulate how grateful we are to Rishi and Anita for their hard work and dedication.

Mr & Mrs Williams, Hertfordshire

I found the overall service extremely professional, knowledgeable, efficient and sensitive with regard to my matter. I felt Match always kept me informed and abreast of procedures with legal explanation wherever necessary. arose I would have no hesitation in approaching Match again and would have pleasure in recommending their services to anyone in need of professional educational assistance.

Ms Noel, Middlesex

Absolutely outstanding from all members of the team...so efficient, professional and absolute experts, such a pleasure to work with

Zaid Ali - East Sussex