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Misconduct allegations dropped against student with Match assistance

Misconduct allegations dropped against student with Match assistance

Our client was informed of an investigation against him alleging serious misconduct of a sexual nature, upon which he contacted us for immediate advice. Our client considered the sensitive nature of the allegations and instructed and asked us not to come on record with the University though, asked that we assist him through the investigation process.  We assisted our client behind the scenes with communications and drafted correspondence to the University. This led to the allegations against him being discredited and all allegations against him withdrawn.  Our client is continuing with his studies at the University working towards achieving his degree.

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Excellent service. Will recommend Match Solicitors to friends and fellow students.

Mr Lehr, London

The service received from Match Solicitors was faultless; highly professional and efficient. The advice received was extremely sound and sensible. The service was fairly priced.

Mr Moore, Kent

We were very happy to hand over our case to Match Solicitors and allow them to do what they do best - they won our appeal. They make no guarantees but at least you know, whether you win or lose, they have done their best for your child.

Mr & Mrs O'Dea, Surrey