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National Offer Day for Primary Schools 2017 – Top 10 tips if you don’t get your first choice

National Offer Day for Primary Schools 2017 – Top 10 tips if you don’t get your first choice

National Offer Day for Primary Schools falls on April 18th this year. Parents up and down the country have been finding it harder and harder to get the school of their choice for their child, which makes National Offer Day a source of great concern for many. More than 500,000 parents will find out which schools their children will be attending in September on National Offer Day and, of course, there will be ‘winners and losers’ when the outcomes are known.

There are many reasons why parents worry about the outcome of National Offer Day. Aside from the reputation of the school and the quality of education it delivers, many parents will be worrying about the time it will take their children to get to school if they don’t get their preferred choice and what the impact of extended travelling times could be.

If you don’t get the answer you want on April 18th then support may be available if you feel your child has been unfairly denied a place in your first choice school. Parents do have a right to appeal, and by working with a reputable and successful legal firm like Match Solicitors you can ensure that your case is prepared to the highest possible level.

Top 10 tips on what to do if you feel your child has been unfairly denied a place at your first choice school.

Think about accepting the offer your child does have and weigh up the benefits of doing so against the pitfalls. Accepting the offer will not mean losing your right to appeal.

Consult the School Admissions Code, published by the Department for Education, and the over-subscription criteria of the school you’re thinking about appealing as part of your research into whether the admissions arrangements were applied correctly.

  1. Think about whether the grounds you want to appeal on are realistic.
  2. Make sure your child’s name is on the waiting list of your preferred choice of school.
  3. Gather together as much valuable evidence as you can to support your appeal and make it credible.
  4. Make sure that any medical and social reasons for your child attending your first choice school are documented appropriately. Ensure these are supported with evidence such as a doctor’s letter
  5. Find out what the appeal deadline is so you can ensure it is submitted on time.
  6. Take a look at the School Admission Appeals Codes on the Department for Education website to familiarise yourself with the process
  7. Take the time to prepare your appeal and think carefully about how you will put your case forward to the panel.
  8. Seek legal help if you feel that you need support.

If you believe your child has been unjustly denied a place at your preferred school then we advise you to act quickly. Match Solicitors have years of experience when it comes to delivering the right outcome for our clients and always take time to gain an in-depth understanding of your situation so we can serve you appropriately and effectively. Call us on 03330 069 187 to discuss your case in confidence.


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