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I have failed my placement year and now my university has withdrawn me from the course. I have mitigating circumstances that haven't been considered appropriately by the university.

I have failed my placement year and now my university has withdrawn me from the course. I have mitigating circumstances that haven't been considered appropriately by the university.

Failing your placement year and consequently being withdrawn from your university course can be devastating for a student who has set their heart on a particular career path. However, help may be available if you believe there have been certain events in your life that have caused this failure and that your university has not assessed your mitigating circumstances adequately. At Match, we have worked with many students who have been removed from their courses for this reason and we have a high success rate in convincing the university to reverse their decision and obtain the support they need going forward.

Mitigating Circumstances

In our experience, there are all sorts of mitigating circumstances that can prevent students making the progress they would like to make during their placement year. For instance, you may have a disability to contend with that hasn’t been properly supported or may have suffered from an illness that the university failed to consider. You may have experienced mental health or emotional problems during the placement year or have had family issues to deal with such as bereavement. Over the years, we have come across a wide range of reasons outside of the student’s control, that has impacted on their performance. It’s important that your university takes these matters into consideration before making a decision that could adversely affect your ambitions for life.

We would like to hear from you if you have been withdrawn from a course or placement year. If you had problems with absences or were unable to complete assignments or assessments due to mitigating circumstances, there’s a strong chance we will be able to help you. Colleges and universities are not infallible and mistakes do happen where students are withdrawn without following the correct procedures. You may be able to appeal against the decision if the procedures weren’t complied with correctly or if you have failed to meet expectations for perfectly acceptable reasons.

Making an Appeal

We robustly advise you to take action as soon as you can if you have been withdrawn from a placement year or course. The letter informing you of the decision will normally tell you when you need to make an appeal by, and you will need to look at the college or university’s policy on appeals to make sure your response is tailored directly towards it. You will also need to gather together as much evidence relating to your appeal and mitigating circumstances as possible, which might include a letter from your doctor or documents relating to a bereavement or family illness.

How we can help

At Match Solicitors, we have come to the assistance of hundreds of students who have been removed from courses, and we can work with you to build up a detailed, compelling and convincing appeal to give you a strong chance of being reinstated.

We can help, so contact us today to find out more about how we can help you put things right after being withdrawn from your course unfairly. Your future career could depend on it.




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