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Trekking in Tanzania to Fight Cancer with Salima Mawji

Trekking in Tanzania to Fight Cancer with Salima Mawji


Co-director of Match Solicitors, Salima Mawji, has a wealth of experience in further and higher education law and is considered a leader in her field. For her next challenge, however, Salima has decided to take a very brief break from fighting injustice in education, and later this year she'll be taking on cancer. For ten days in October, Salima and a close friend will be trekking through the Rift Valley in Tanzania and raising money in the process to fight Lymphoma.

Why the Great Rift Valley?

The Great Rift Valley is a 6,000-kilometre-long trench that runs from the Beqaa Valley in the Lebanon in Asia to Mozambique in the south-east of Africa. It is like nowhere else on earth and can actually be seen from outer space, where it appears as two parallel lines running down the east coast of Africa. Formed over twenty million years ago when the earth's crust tore itself apart, creating a series of earthquakes and eruptions, the resulting rift is a vast valley with sunken plains that are often flanked by colossal volcanic mountains.

The rift valley is a unique landscape of spectacular escarpments, mountains, volcanoes, valleys and lakes. At certain points, the cliffs are around 2,000 kilometres high and the floor of the valley as much as 100 kilometres wide.

It is also one of the most challenging natural environments on the planet, and Salima and her hiking partner will spend ten days trekking through the Crater Highlands and the spectacular Rift Valley landscapes of Tanzania, where not only will they witness magnificent scenery and wildlife, but they will also get to observe Masai tribesmen as they graze their cattle in what is one of the planet's largest conservation areas.

But make no mistake - although there will be much at which to marvel and gawp, this is no walk in the park. Salima will be trekking and climbing for up to ten hours a day in scorching heat and rarified mountain air. It will be hard, challenging work and not without some serious danger, but of course, it is all for a very good cause.

Why Lymphoma?

Currently in the UK, Lymphoma is the fifth most commonly diagnosed type of cancer and the most common type of blood cancer. Although it can occur at any age, young people are particularly prone to Lymphoma and it is the most common cancer affecting people under the age of 30. Indeed, in the UK every year, around 150 children and upwards of 450 teenagers and young people develop the cancer. Furthermore, approximately ten per cent of all cancers found in children are lymphomas.

Salima's target is to raise £3,950.00 for the Lymphoma Association, and she's got off to a great start.

It would be great if you could help out too by clicking here and donating what you can. Every little really does help so any amount you can spare, large or small, will be very gratefully received.

Thank you in advance for your support. 

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