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Match help child with complex medical requirements receive a needs assessment

Match help child with complex medical requirements receive a needs assessment

We recently acted for the parents of a young child with a highly complex and medically unique range of difficulties that had unfortunately rendered him hospitalised for the majority of his childhood. The child’s education suffered as a result as he was unable to attend school on a regular basis, due to the amount of time that he spent in hospital.

Alongside the medical difficulties faced by the child, he also had a number of resulting educational needs which required his Local Authority (“LA”) to make the following provision for him by way of one to one teaching support. The child’s parents requested the LA provide the child with an Educational, Health and Care Plan Needs Assessment (“Needs Assessment”) however, the Local Authority refused.

The parents instructed us to pursue an appeal to the First Tier Tribunal against the LA’s decision to refuse to assess the child.  We collated educational evidence from an Educational Psychologist and a Clinical Psychologist in preparation for the appeal before the LA subsequently conceded the appeal. The child will now be given a Needs Assessment and we hope an Education, Health and Care Plan which will enable him to get the proper education that he deserves.

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