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Did you suffer from a serious issue during your exams or when you submitted your assignments?

Did you suffer from a serious issue during your exams or when you submitted your assignments?

If, at the time of sitting your exams or submitting assignments you were under stress or suffered an event which adversely affected your performance - then this is likely to have been reflected in your results. If your results are lower than expected and your overall degree result is now in doubt, then you may well be fretting about where this leaves you. If this is the case, then Match Solicitors may be able to help you.

Getting the right results in your exams and assignments can make or break your degree and the future direction of your career so if there are mitigating circumstances surrounding your below par performance then it is vitally important that you act quickly and submit an academic appeal to review the marks you received.

Mitigating circumstances applications

If your mitigating circumstances can be proven to have affected your performance then the academic appeal panel can give special consideration to your situation and decide whether to amend your marks or to give you another go. Special consideration is a post-examination or post-assignment adjustment to reflect scenarios such as a temporary illness, temporary injury or any other indisposition that you may have had at the time which would have affected your ability to get the level of attainment expected.

When special consideration may be given

Typically, an academic appeal panel may give your results special consideration if they believe that you have covered the whole course and have been fully prepared but your performance in the examination or assignment has been affected by adverse circumstances which were beyond your control. This may include:

  • Temporary illness or an accident or injury that you suffered at the time of the assessment.
  • Domestic crisis at the time of the assessment e.g. parents going through a divorce.
  • Bereavement at the time of the assessment.
  • Participation in sporting events or other competitions at an international level at the time of assessment e.g. representing your country at an international level at a sporting event.

There are also times when the university or college may be at fault and because of this, your results have suffered. This may include:

  • Being given the wrong examination paper, failure of equipment or failure of materials to arrive on time which were required to complete course work appropriately.
  • Serious disturbance during an examination, especially if recorded material was used.
  • Where the wrong texts have been taught in relation to the examination.

What to do next

If any of the above has happened to you and you believe this has affected your performance then you may have a good case to make an appeal. At Match Solicitors we have helped hundreds of students to get their marks or grades reviewed because of mitigating circumstances. To discuss your case in detail, please contact Match Solicitors now.

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