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Didn’t get the degree classification you wanted?

Didn’t get the degree classification you wanted?

Not getting the degree classification you wanted is not only disappointing; it can potentially affect your career. Certain jobs and graduation schemes need you to achieve a 2:1 degree and if you don’t get this, you may find that you need to re-think your career plans. The whole process of getting the job you want can be hindered by getting a lower degree classification. It can stop you being selected for interview and even if you are selected for interview, you can find yourself being asked awkward questions about your degree and why you didn’t get the mark you wanted. This is not the kind of hindrance you need when you’re entering a competitive jobs market.

If you believe that your degree classification is unfair or there are mitigating circumstances as to why you didn’t get the classification you wanted, there may be some grounds for appeal. Universities are not infallible. Sometimes marks are miscalculated and a grade can be missed from a transcript or the Examination Board can fail to correctly apply its calculation procedures. If you believe this has happened to you, then you could have a valid reason to make an appeal.

The first thing you must do is follow your university’s academic appeals and complaints procedures. The grounds and processes for appealing the decision of the Examination Board will be explained in your university’s regulations. You will find that appeals can only be heard on limited grounds and that there will be a time limit for your appeal that you will need to swiftly adhere to.


Appeal vs. Complaint

When it comes to academic appeals, the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA) has produced a strict code of practice on appeals and complaints which universities must follow. The process for an appeal compared to a complaint is defined differently. For example, an appeal is when you request the university board of examiners to review a decision such as an error in the calculation of your marks or mitigating circumstances such as illness. Complaints cover wider areas such as concerns about the course itself, teaching and facilities. When it comes to your degree classification, it is an Appeal that you must request so make sure that you follow the right process.


Borderline Students

Very often you can have students that missed a 2:1 by a whisker. For borderline students like this there are certain procedures that must be followed by the university and applied appropriately. If you have not performed in a way that was expected, the Examination Board have a duty to actively consider why when calculating your degree classification. If you believe that this hasn’t been given due care and consideration then this is something you should highlight in your appeal.


Advice about making an appeal

At Match Solicitors we have assisted numerous students with appeals about their degree classification and we will be able to advise you if we think you have a strong case. Contact us now to discuss your situation in strict confidence.

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