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Employment Tribunal

Employment Tribunal

We acted for a lady who worked in the beauty industry and who had been working for the same employer (whom she considered a close friend) for over twenty years. Our client was accused, without any firm evidence, of stealing from the till at the salon. She was suspended without notice or pay pending an investigation into the matter. Her employer failed to particularise any of the explicit allegations against her and the matter was further complicated as she had no written contract of employment or staff handbook to refer to.

We assisted our client by issuing a claim in the Employment Tribunal. We wrote to the employer setting out the numerous breaches of our client’s implied contract of employment and her employment rights. By negotiating with the employer, we were able to secure a fitting settlement as well as recovering the cost of issuing the claim. This outcome was satisfying to our client as it meant she was adequately compensated (but without expensive recourse to the Court) and this aided in alleviating her feelings against her former employer, which were understandably very acrimonious, allowing her to move on.

Led by: Salima Mawji
Supported by: Rishi Mital

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I highly recommend everyone to use match solicitor if needed. They provide excellent and fast service during very short period of time.


The service was first class and I was encouraged by the Solicitors sound knowledge of education law. Having a child with special needs is a challenge to any parent and the whole process of going to an educational tribunal can be quite daunting. Match Solicitors was able to get the job done professionally and to the highest standard and yet still retaining a very caring and human side which was very reassuring.

Mrs O Akagbosu, London

I wouldn’t hesitate to use your firm again in the future, and will also happily recommend you to others requiring help.

Mrs Shaistah Siddiq-Zeidan, Exeter