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Monday 3 March is National Offer Day for Schools

Monday 3 March 2014 is national offer day for school places - what should you do if you don’t get your choice of school for your child? Here are some useful and top tips:

  1. Don’t panic if you did not get your first choice of school – help is at hand!
  2. Consider accepting the offer of the school you have been given as this will ensure that your child has a school to go to and it will not prejudice your right to appeal
  3. Familiarise yourself with the over subscription criteria of the school that you want to appeal to
  4. Place your child’s name on the waiting list of your choice of school
  5. Consider the grounds upon which you want to appeal. Ensure your reasons are as strong as they can be, putting emphasis on the strongest argument first
  6. Ensure you collate as much supporting evidence as you can to substantiate your appeal
  7. Medical and Social Reasons which have arisen since the original application must be supported by evidence (e.g. doctor’s letter)
  8. Submit your appeal form on time
  9. Look at the School Admission and School Admission Appeals Codes on the Department for Education website 
  10. Preparation for the hearing is key, taking your time to decide on what you will say to the Panel

For further advice and assistance, please contact Anita Chopra at Match Solicitors – we are here to help.

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Exemplary, professional, supportive, and empathetic. Polite and responsive. A pleasure to work with.

Mr Reekie, Croydon

Match Solicitors showed genuine concern for my daughter’s case and worked tirelessly to achieve a satisfactory outcome. The service and quality of work was excellent.

Mr D Richards, Buckinghamshire

Match Solicitors were highly recommended to us not only for their undisputed comprehensive knowledge of the SEN legal minefield, but for their understanding of autism and other disorders and consequent compassionate work ethic. Their diligence and consummate professionalism ensured that the Local Authority were forced to take our son’s case seriously. It is almost impossible to articulate how grateful we are to Rishi and Anita for their hard work and dedication.

Mr & Mrs Williams, Hertfordshire